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The Perfect Blazer Sleeve...

You have to give it to JCrew, they style their models so well. Especially their Blazers and they always show a chic yet casual pushed up sleeve.  Sometimes even layered with one or even two shirts underneath.  But how on earth do you replicate that in real life?  Sure it is easy to photograph when the model is standing still and not moving.  However we all live in a world that we are constantly moving!  So how do you achieve this coveted look without constantly fidgeting and continually pushing your sleeves up all day?  ArmBand-Its to the rescue.  This is one of the key reasons that we invented ArmBand-Its to keep you looking chic and casual without the need to fidget with your sleeves all day. ArmBand-Its make all the below looks possible when you are on the move!

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