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Laura Cassell

Obsessed with fashion ever since reading her first Vogue in 7th grade, Laura was sadly not given the natural talent to be a designer. The next best thing was a career in Fashion Buying and Merchandising, and she’s happily been in the Retail industry for over 20 years. Through her career and pouring over fashion magazines, plus getting to learn firsthand the secrets of stylists, she’s learned that the perfectly fitted garments in the photos were most likely taped, pinned, clamped, and altered to fit the model perfectly, and don’t get her started on Photoshop. She knows that for those of us who don’t look like models and don’t have personal stylists with us at every moment of the day, this is completely unrealistic. She also noticed that a three-quarter length sleeve takes off 10 lbs. instantly: it shows off jewelry, draws the eye to the waist, and gives a very effortless, chic look. Yet some sleeves just won’t stay up and rolling is sometimes just not the right style. And she despises fidgeting with sleeves all day

She began to think about how she could achieve that effortless look in real life. She created and started using the first ArmBand-Its prototypes in high school. By now, she’s been through so many versions she’s lost count. She always thought this was just “her thing” and never mentioned these little treasures to anyone until a few years ago when shopping with her sister: she found her “Perfect Blazer”. Lisa is very petite and has always struggled to find clothes that fit; even petite clothes are often too big for her, especially in the sleeves. Her “Perfect Blazer” fit her like it was made for her: it had a really flattering silhouette, hit her perfectly at her hips, it had satin lapels, and really cute bling on the sleeves – it was so versatile.

Laura turned around only to see her sister putting it back n the rack. Laura was shocked and asked her why, and her sister explained that the sleeves were way too long, so the $100.00 blazer would cost her another $50.00 to have the sleeves shortened, and that was just too expensive. Laura immediately took off her ArmBand-Its prototype and showed her how to use them. She looked amazing, felt incredible, and bought her Perfect Blazer!

It was that moment that Laura realized “her thing” could potentially be the solution to many women's clothing issues and save them a lot of money! She also realized that tall women must suffer the same issues with their sleeves, yet they can’t even alter them. So she tried these on a few tall friends, and once the ArmBand-Its were on, you would never know their sleeves were too short.

We’re so happy to be making a product that finally works for not just Laura, but everyone who tries them. And we’re happy to share them with YOU!

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