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How do I select my size?

Simply measure one arm right above your elbow and select that size.  If you measure in between a size then round up to the nearest available size.  For example: if your measurement is 8.5" then you would round up and select 9".

Do I really need ArmBand-Its?

You may be thinking: Do I really need these? That’s what we used to think, too! But after spending hundreds of dollars over the years on tailoring, and hundreds of minutes rolling up our sleeves over and over again, we realized there was a better solution. We designed ArmBand-Its for ourselves, but they work so well, we want to share them with you! Here’s how these little wonders are everyday necessities:

Can’t I just roll up my sleeves?
Unless your garment has a gorgeous liner that was made to be seen, rolling up the sleeves usually doesn’t look very elegant. And even in the cases where sleeves look great rolled up, they usually won’t stay put for long without having to re-roll them several times throughout the day.

Can’t I just have my sleeves shortened?
Well of course you can, but you’ll pay expensive alteration costs and lose that chic detailing or those fabulous buttons at the cuffs.

Why shouldn’t I just use a rubber band or pony-tail holder?
Been there, done that – and we just got the feeling back in our arms. So please don’t! We designed these specifically to last on your arm all day without damaging fabric, or your circulation.

Why are ArmBand-Its more comfortable than an improvised solution?
We’ve put lots of design savvy into crafting these bands so that they feel as great as they (and you) look. For the ultimate comfort, we offer five sizes – because one size does not fit all!

How do I know these will work?
In 24 years, we’ve literally tried everything. Trust us: these work – and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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