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SAN FRANCISCO--November 21, 2016--ArmBand-Its, a modern sleeve garter made with a patent pending silicone lining, is the newest addition to the Fashion Essentials category joining products such as fashion tape and other popular fashion styling tools.  ArmBand-Its are worn over clothing right above the elbow and safely grip all types of fabrics while holding sleeves at the desired length.  The discreet elastic bands remain hidden in place when strategically tucked over with excess cloth from garments.  A ¾ sleeve is known among fashion insiders as a universally flattering length that is both stylish and slimming.  A new fashion secret, ArmBand-Its aims to help fashionistas achieve a leaner silhouette by revealing the forearms and wrists, the smallest part of the body. Style seekers, especially petite and tall women who are most often faced with ill-fitting sleeves, can now achieve this look without having the extra bulk of material from rolling or continually pushing up sleeves.


ArmBand-Its creator, Laura Fischer remarks, “Clothing alteration services is a $1 billion industry in the U.S. and I invented ArmBand-Its as a cost saving alternative to reworking sleeves.  I learned as a longtime retail executive that the perfectly fitted garments seen in fashion spreads and catalog photos were likely taped, pinned, clamped, and cuffed on models, including sleeves, which is rarely feasible off the rack.  I also noticed that models in magazines often have their wrists revealed as it shows off jewelry, draws the eye to the waist and is an effortless style enhancer, a look I copied myself for years with different prototypes until now.”


A perfect stocking stuffer, ArmBand-Its is making a timely introduction for the holidays to help women get a tailored look with party outfits and in photos.  ArmBand-Its come in black and white, packaged in a convenient tin.  Available in measurements of seven inches to eleven inches in circumference, Armband-Its fit most women sized 0-14.  A set of four bands costs $19.95 and is exclusively available online at  


ArmBand-Its is based in San Francisco and is the first launch in a line of innovative fashion solutions.  The latest addition to the DIY styling trend, ArmBand-Its aims to become a staple in the arsenal of tools used by the fashion savvy, celebrities and stylists.


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